Air Receiver Tank - Water Pressure Tank - Storage Tank - Dish Head - Flanging - Rolling Plate - Section Bending - Press Brake.

About Us

Founded in 1983 with headquarters in Jl. Agung Karya II, Block D-12, Complex Indofika, Podomoro Sunter Agung, Jakarta. Currently DPT has been trusted by thousands of customers across Indonesia to work fast, quality, and satisfying.

Quality Commitment

DPT will always provide the best for consumers in accordance with the expertise and technical ability we have, which makes tanks quality and satisfaction in the field of services by working on goods ordered in accordance with the size and specifications demanded by consumers. In addition to maintaining the quality and customer satisfaction, DPT also ready to compete on price in order to face tight competition in this industry.


a service company and manufacturer of iron fastest tank in Indonesia


known to customers as a service company and manufacturer of steel tank quality. DPT wants to work on goods to satisfy customer orders according to the size and specifications provided by the customer. DPT is very motivated to reproduce and complete machines and improve technical performance, especially in the field of precision and accuracy.